We repeatedly see organizations that are too quick to engage with the media or are so paralyzed that they miss valuable opportunities. Our experience has proven that clients get far better results by strategically knowing how to respond to the media, shape potential stories, and ensure the message we have helped develop is used consistently. The SolutionPR trains its clients for on-camera performance and enhances their interview capabilities to deliver stories to the leaders in print, broadcast, and on-line media.

The SolutionPR will advise and train company principals to effectively speak to, and handle, the media. This training includes preparation for press conferences, pre-taped television and radio packaged stories, newspaper interviews, radio interviews, and live in-studio television.

The media training we offer can be pre-emptive, in preparation for any potential breaking news situation, or it can occur on an “as needed” basis. The level of training required for each individual will be determined after preliminary interviews.

Our media training utilizes well-established techniques that teach the interviewees to be calm, confident and compelling in any interview setting.

Media Training for Broadcasting/Print

Television: We media train our clients so that they are prepared for multiple kinds of television situations. Those include interviews for live, taped, or “remote” (beamed in) interviews.

  • During training for television, we bring in video equipment to conduct mock interviews so that the client is prepared for any situation that might occur. We interview our client in a variety of settings so that they are able to give the most comprehensive answers possible to benefit their audience. Whether they are in studio with the anchor or outside of it with only a camera to interact with, we make sure they are well prepared for the interview.
  • We video-tape the training, play back and critique each interview onsite, then run the interviews again until the subject is completely comfortable and the answers are seamless and natural in any discussion format.

Radio: We work with our clients to prepare for live and taped radio situations.

  • Much like our training for television, our training for radio interviews focuses on how our client can effectively use the radio media to speak to his/her audience. We also work with clients on their voice for radio interviews since in this medium, your voice is your selling point and you need to speak clearly, utilizing inflection to get your point across.

Print: We conduct mock interviews for variety a of print media mediums.

  • Whether a client is preparing for a mainstream news interview with the New York Times or a trade industry interview with The National Law Journal, we customize our training to suit the situation. In print interviews, clients are usually blessed with the luxury of time. We teach them how to use time effectively to speak to their audience.

Are you interested in having us conduct a media training for your firm? Then contact us today to start a conversation with one of The SolutionPR’s principals.