Crisis Management Case Study

Strategy, Agility and Media Relations Success

The Issue

When the owner of the Gold King Mine, in Silverton, Colorado called us at 9pm on an August evening, we jumped into action. While he was traveling, his mine experienced a blowout caused by the EPA and millions of gallons of bright orange metal/mineral water was pouring into the Animas River as we spoke. Media calls were coming in fast and furious and the public was getting anxious.

The Strategy

We quickly assessed the details of the situation and immediately put in place an organized process for media inquiries. In less than 24 hours later, we had reviewed all past coverage and fleshed out critical details that were being missed by the media. We met with the owner and principals and devised a comprehensive media strategy, developed compelling messaging, conducted media training, and began to set up interviews with national and local reporters and producers. We created a targeted national and local news media list, identified key government officials that our client needed to meet with, and began setting up those meetings immediately.

The Results

Over the next 3 days, we utilized a multi-prong approach that resulted in news media coverage in print, on TV and radio, and in internet articles and conversations nationwide. Utilizing our deep relationships with news media all over the country, we immediately arranged interviews and received coverage in:

  • Wall Street Journal
  • Los Angeles Times
  • ABC National News
  • Time Magazine
  • CNN
  • Fox News Neil Caputo
  • Guardian (London)
  • NBC National
  • Associated Press
  • USA Today
  • Local Print, TV and radio exclusive feature stories telling our client’s story.

We successfully managed this crisis by implementing a quick, aggressive media strategy with a strong, compelling message.  The result was an educated media and public that understood our client was not responsible for the blow out. Our work changed the conversation to focus on the real causes of the disaster and potential solutions.

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