Litigation PR is an important component of any high-profile, “bet-the-company” legal case.  Public perceptions can be critical to the outcome of a trial.  Since the news media often sets the tone for how a dispute may be perceived, reporters that cover high-profile court cases need to be educated so their stories are accurate and balanced.

The SolutionPR has successfully managed the litigation PR / communications and provided “behind the scenes” media relations strategies for a number of law firms representing high-profile clients.  Our work has involved litigation communications management prior to, and during, the length of a trial.   We create strategic plans that prepare for a variety of positive and negative scenarios.  And we train attorneys and their clients to be effective spokespeople.

We also provide “Lunch and Learns” on litigation PR to law firms and their clients on the importance of developing a media communication strategy for high stakes litigation and the process involved to be successful.