This is the core of what we do at The SolutionPR. Our media relations services, skills, coupled with our targeted strategies and results, generate more media per dollar billed than any other firm in the industry. Simply put, there is no one that is able to deliver the sheer quantity and quality of news media that we do for our clients.

With the rise of social media, attention scarcity is at its greatest in history. News cycles are shrinking as Twitter has become the standard for breaking news. There is a mind numbing amount of information flowing out from Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube…

So how do you rise above the noise to get the attention of the news media? How do you utilize the media to get noticed by your key audiences and prospects?

In the past, good media relations services and placements relied on personal relationships and good networking. But in today’s world, what resonates most with the news media are credible experts who can comment quickly, intelligently, compellingly. and are accessible in real-time.

Because we believe the news media is the most powerful delivery vehicle in the communications spectrum for law firm marketing and healthcare PR, we focus our efforts on developing comprehensive, bold media relations services, strategies and implementing media relations plans aimed at getting our clients in front of their most important audiences early and often.

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Creating “real” news gets real results.

All of The SolutionPR’s media relations work is one-on-one with key media contacts. We do not believe mass marketing to the media works. Our philosophy is to utilize our deep relationships with reporters/editors to craft and deliver “real news” stories that cater to our clients’ specific needs.

Our typical client is often a law firm, hospital, medical practice or technology company that is not happy with the results their traditional PR firm has generated for them.  Subsequently, they are looking for better return for their PR dollars in the form of increased media exposure, either regionally, nationally or internationally.

The SolutionPR has reach into newsrooms across the United States and all over the world. Our proven success in increasing media exposure for our clients helps them to:

  • augment and support their current marketing;
  • solidify and underscore their place in the region and nationally;
  • improve their name recognition and public image, as well as clarify their message;
  • educate the media and target audience;
  • become thought-leaders and go-to experts.

We encourage our clients to exploit our vast relationships with regional and national reporters/editors. In turn, we take advantage of our clients’ successes and expertise and turn that into an aggressive media campaign, which results in increased earned media exposure for them throughout their region and nationally.

Services we offer:

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