Building Media Relationships = Exposure Strength

CASE EXAMPLE – Introducing Attorney Expertise to the News Media

A strength of The SolutionPR is the depth and breadth of our media relationships.  Not only does our work ensure an enormous amount of news coverage for our law firm clients and medical organizations, but we help create long-term relationships with the media.  We introduce our clients to important national and international reporters, editors/producers and guide them in cultivating these relationships, which pays off in increased news coverage time and again.  In turn, reporters and producers are grateful for the leads and trust our news instincts.

An example:

Recently, we worked with an attorney who had specific U.S./China investment expertise. We reached out to reporters nationally and internationally to discuss the trends he was seeing and tout his broad expertise.  Our pitch to reporters included those in China and Hong Kong.  Therefore, we began getting interview requests at all times of the day.  Working across many time zones, we set-up over a dozen discussions for our client with major news media in the United Satates and Asia.


  • Wall Street Journal – 4 interview/meetings with 4 separate reporters at the Wall Street Journal, 1 in the Hong Kong bureau and 3 in Beijing
  • New York Times – Set up discussions with a New York Times reporter
  • Reuters – 2 meetings with Reuters reporters, 1 in Hong Kong, and one in Washington D.C.
  • Forbes – 1 meeting with Forbes reporter in NY
  • Quartz – Set up several discussions with the Asia bureau chief of Quartz.  This resulted in an authored article published as well as quotes in a front-page story.
  • Bloomberg – 2 meetings with separate Bloomberg reporters, one from print and one from TV,
  • Meeting with MergerMarket/Deal reporter
  • CFO Magazine requested an authored article

At The SolutionPR, we make a commitment to our clients:  we will work around the clock to get you the news coverage you deserve.

Are you interested in having your attorneys meet the top reporters and editors who cover their issues?  Contact us today to start a conversation with one of The SolutionPR’s principals.