Creating a law firm communications plan or a healthcare communications strategy is like planning a trip. You wouldn’t leave your house without knowing where you’re going and figuring out how you’re going to get there, accounting for bumps in the road and distractions or challenges. Our law firm communication plans, as well as our healthcare communication plans are navigation tools to help our clients cut through the noise and get noticed by the media. We apply strategic rigor to implementing ideas and goals.

Message Development

Unfortunately, in our world today the average attention span is less than 10 seconds. We ensure our clients’ words capture the attention necessary to effectively reach their key audience. And we do that by creating a solid, compelling message. In our experience, if you do not define yourself clearly, others will do it for you. You’ll lose control of the message that your audience receives about you.

At the SolutionPR we create clear, compelling messages that our clients use successfully time and again to get the attention they need. With repetition comes familiarity. Our messages become identifiers spoken by the media as fact.

Our time-tested messaging process involves a working group session with our clients to develop their message. The outcome is a succinct soundbite that can be given in virtually any situation to key audiences. The message we create will have the components needed for longer interviews or additional uses in your marketing mix.

Developing the right message gives a communications plan a solid foundation. At The SolutionPR, we create messages that are compelling, timely, capture the media’s attention and resonate with target audiences.

Story Development

We know a good story when we hear one and we are seasoned at finding and maximizing stories that promote law firms and attorneys, as well as hospitals and doctors. We are on top of the news and find stories that can attract local, regional, national, and even international news media. Not only do we understand what gets the media’s attention, we know exactly who in the news media to go to and are proud of our solid relationships with reporters and producers that have built for over 30 years.

Because the SolutionPR team is made up of former journalists, we specialize in story-telling. We are experts at finding the many angles and stories that companies and organizations have, but often miss. We explore all facets of your organization, activities and expertise, to find the most newsworthy and timely stories that will interest reporters and give you a vehicle to talk to your key audience. Hardly a day goes by that we aren’t talking to reporters, producers, and editors about our clients and successfully getting meaningful media traction for them.

Our law firm communications plan and story planning process is all about getting to really know our clients and their expertise. We delve deep into their practice areas and key industries to flesh out compelling stories and craft creative, timely pitches to the news media. Our story pitches capture the attention of the media because we know precisely the right time, and who to contact at every level of the media spectrum.

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